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Winter training

Winter training

Winter training

With winter on it’s way and the end of Daylight Savings looming, it’s time for some tips to help you get through the cooler months. Here are just a few starters to aid you in your training this winter.

Get A Goal

The hardest steps to take are often the first ones …up and off of the couch!  Having a clear goal really helps you motivate yourself.  Write it down, stick it on the fridge door and use your goal as a reminder to hit the streets. Get a training plan leading up to your goal and stick to it.

Dress to the Conditions

If you’ve got the right kit for the job then your workout is so much more enjoyable. Winter gear is now functional and high performing. Layer up and choose kit to keep you warm and dry but also cool and comfortable. Remember, you will heat up as you run, so removable layers are a good idea.

Keep it Short and go Faster

Remember that some running is better than no running. You don’t need to go out for hours at a time. A little higher intensity running really gives you a great workout in a relatively short time period (20-30mins). You’ll also feel much better about yourself when you come back in from your run having made the effort to get out for it.

Go with a Group

Even for the most motivated people, going solo can be tough all the time. Running with others and agreeing to meet at a certain time and place means you’re more committed to being there regardless of the weather. Find friends to run with.

Don’t Think or Procrastinate

Just do it. Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of doing something before we’ve done it.  Don’t give yourself time to think about how the weather is getting you down and keep putting it off Lace up your shoes and get going

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