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The Ultimate Lightweight Runner by Matt Davy

The Ultimate Lightweight Runner by Matt Davy

The Ultimate Lightweight Runner by Matt Davy


 Hi TAF Bloggers!

As many of you may know, Asics released a super lightweight running shoe, Super J33 which is designed to meet the specific needs of a mild to moderate over-pronator. From design to technical aspects, colour to benefits of the shoe; I will briefly explain my experience with the Asics Super J33 and what it brings to an already competitive market full of lightweight running shoes.

In my experience with the Super J33, whether it be running on road or used at the gym for cardio and specific weight training, I can’t stress to you the importance of having such a lightweight running shoe as this one. The benefit of the Super J33 when blended altogether with a mix of a lightweight feel, a superior cushioning sensation, the support and upper materials provided along with creative colour effects means you are given a shoe that makes you feel like you can run for miles and know that you are doing so with a sense of confidence and style, whilst making gains in performance.

Technical focus

In the blue corner we have the Asics “Lighter than a Feather” Super J33. Weighing at 210 grams (Men’s Size 9), with a drop from heel to forefoot of 5.3mm, and an incredible mix of support and design with FluidAxis support, Gel Cushioning and the famous Solyte midsole, this shoe will turn you into a non-stop runner. A bit like Forest Gump… In the red corner, are “every other lightweight running shoe” which provides a range of weight differences and cushioning. At the end of the day, the Asics “Lighter than a Feather” Super J33 wins the battle as it gives more support and feel than “every other lightweight running shoe”. It’s a class act.

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