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New guest blogger reveals how he found his perfect fit

New guest blogger reveals how he found his perfect fit

New guest blogger reveals how he found his perfect fit

It has been an interesting year so far for me.

I have not run as much as I had hoped. After completing the Taupo, and Auckland Half Marathons with my sister visiting from the States and wife respectively, along with the Xterra Trail Run series and other races scattered throughout 2015, I had taken some time out from running.

Running is my go to, it is my ‘me time’.

As a husband and father of two young daughters, I need that time! However, to maximise my time with my family, I have to get up and out at the crack of dawn – 4am to be exact! This way I can get time with my kids when I get back home to help them with starting the day.

Because of this early start, I got lazy over the summer months. I’m normally known as ‘that running guy’ at work – the trim, lanky, and gazelle-like guy striding around the office in his fancy casual runners – unfortunately now I am slower and not as lean as I should be, more like a water-buffalo than a gazelle, and far from my peak while struggling to get back on the wagon – or is that off it?

Returning to gazelle status

I’m now back at it, running at the crack of dawn hoping to clock about 50kms a week over 4 to 5 runs. I just need an everyday trainer for them as my current ones have 800+kms on them! The Athletes’ Foot would be the ideal stop.

Some of you might think that you can get the same shoes at other retailers at a slightly cheaper price, but for me,  a consultation with their experienced staff – because every sale starts with this at Athlete’s Foot – is of huge value. These guys know their stuff, about shoes and about analysing your gait, transition and running/walking form.

Time for a little analysis

Upon walking in a was greeted by the store manager, Kylie. After a bit of friendly banter, she measured me up to get my shoe exact size and I was put through the Fit Print analysis. This was fun. Firstly, I was asked to stand on the sensor pad to see how I distribute my weight. I then was to walk over the Fit Print sensor pad to get an analysis of the transition of my gait from heel strike to toe-off.

Kylie told me what she saw and picked up on little niggling injuries or pains that I might have felt, even before I told her about them. Like I said – these guys are good.

Choosing the right shoe

I explained to her what I currently run in, my running habits and what I want to achieve. She took it in and then brought out some options for me to try. The first was an understated, and very plush Asics Kayano 22 in a grey with orange and maroon accents. I liked the look of this shoe. Kylie laced me up and away I went for a walk about the store getting a feel for it. I loved the plush upper, the cushy and yet firm midsole, and the transition to toe-off. It was a nice shoe, but the medial post was a bit too intrusive for my running style.

Since I am more of a neutral runner, she pulled out the Asics Nimbus 18 which is the same, without a prominent medial post. Kylie laced me up and off I went for another stroll about the shop. This felt better. It was still plush, still cushioned yet responsive, and felt light enough, despite all of the plush materials, to not slow me down.

Finally, I wanted to try a more low-slung trainer, so I was fitted into the Asics DS-Trainer 21. I loved the bright colours and have read many great things about this shoe and its previous iterations. I also learned to run during the minimal running shoe movement 4 years ago, so a lightweight, low-slung shoe was my comfort zone.

However, the comfort and plush ride of the Nimbus stayed on my mind. So Kylie made sure everything checked out with my form in my shoe of choice and away I went with my sleek, black and silver Asics GEL-Nimbus 18.

So check back with me on my journey, and hopefully an average Joe like me can inspire average Joes and Joans out there to get fitted with the right shoe, whether it’s for running, walking or everyday use. A good shoe makes all of the difference, and the guys at Athlete’s Foot have the expertise to put you in the right one!

If you would like to get your own FitPrint analysis pop into any local store. No appointment is needed and it’s completely free.

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