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Keeping active over winter

Keeping active over winter

Keeping active over winter

The change in season doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your running shoes and hibernate until spring. There are so many benefits to keeping active over winter. We asked our followers to share their top tips to keep their training on track through the colder months. Find out what they had to say.

Be Prepared

You are far more likely to commit to a workout if you’re organised. Lay your workout gear out the night before, or pack your gym bag so all you have to do is wake up go without having to think. Don’t give yourself an excuse not to.  Plan your workouts in advance so you know what’s expected of you.

Find a friend

Find a training buddy. Having a friend with mutual goals to work out with makes you accountable to someone else and you can push each other and motivate each other through the winter.

Find something you enjoy

The key to winter workouts is to find something you enjoy, not something you loathe that will become a burden. There are plenty of indoor options to try out so that the weather is never an excuse to skip a training session. Join a local gym, join a bootcamp, try Zumba; rock climbing or swimming. Invest in some workout DVDs or Apps to do at home, or why not take up an indoor sport like soccer or netball which comes with added social benefits.

Get the right gear

Invest in the right gear to get you through the winter. If you have the appropriate workout gear for the cold or wet you’ve got no excuses. Use the idea of new winter training clothes as motivation.

Remember the Health Benefits

Keeping active helps you to stay healthy throughout winter. Remember working out in the rain won’t kill you, it’ll only make you stronger and strengthen your immunity.  Exercise is a great mood booster and sure to keep the winter blues away.  Plus getting outside and getting a hit of Vitamin D in the winter months will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Reward yourself

What better reward is there after a winter workout than a refreshing hot shower? Follow a run/walk with a friend with a coffee date at your favourite cafe. Have massage or reward your body with delicious and nutritious foods.

Set a goal

It is so much easier to motivate yourself if you set a goal. Whether it’s to complete an event or shed a few kilos, write your goal down – make it real. Leave a bunch of post it notes around to remind yourself and motivate yourself. Take before and after photos as extra motivation.

Eat Well

Eating well can take a bit of back seat in winter as we seek out sweet, carb laden foods to find comfort in.  Eating healthy will keep you feeling good so you can keep your workouts on track.

And our number one tip – “Summer bodies are made in winter! Don’t make excuses – just do it!

Happy training!




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