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I love these shoes! Do you have them in my size?

I love these shoes! Do you have them in my size?

I love these shoes! Do you have them in my size?

The majority of people will buy shoes based on the way they look. You love the style, the colour, then as long as the ones you love are in your size, you make your purchase. Shopkeeper is happy, you’re happy!

But then you wear them for your next run, or for a day out and about, and you begin to sense your heels falling out with you as blisters begin to form on them, and your little piggy is loosing out to his siblings who’ve stolen all the room in your stylish but not so comfortable new shoes.

A couple of weeks in, they might begin to work in unison with your foot and mould to your individual foot type! Failing that, you loose heart with your new shoes, and they get tossed to the back of the cupboard in early retirement, or saved for ‘best’ to endure for the sake of fashion.


The Correct Fit

Correct Fit

At the Athletes Foot, we pride ourselves in selling you shoes that fit your feet. Whether you’re visiting us for the first time or a returning customer, every time you come into store we won’t be asking your shoe size. Instead, your feet will be measured and a Fitprint ® analysis will be undertaken. This is because your foot size is only one component that indicates the type of shoes that are best for you. Arch type, pressure points and tendency to roll in or out also provides valuable information on which shoe to fit you in. Feet also change over time due to factors such as weight loss or gain, injury, age or pregnancy, which is why every time you purchase a new pair of shoes a full foot analysis is performed.


Staff Training

Every member of staff in our stores undertake extensive training covering basic foot anatomy, physiology and fitting techniques for every type of foot. Our ongoing training program ensures we’re continually learning the expertise of correct shoe fitting and remain the most qualified staff in the market. Most importantly, all staff understand how each shoe fits to each individual foot!

Did you know that athletic shoe manufacturers release thousands of different models of shoes each year? Keeping up to date with the latest technology and understanding the differences between models and brands takes dedication and considerable training. Our highly trained staff live and breathe shoes, and unlike other retailers, we don’t sell anything else.


We’re not limited to fitting sports shoes either and with a variety of specialty shoes such as casual walking, school shoes, sandals, and shoes for problem feet, The Athlete’s Foot “Fit Technicians” are able to expertly fit any foot into a range of quality footwear.

Once you’ve shopped at The Athletes Foot, you’ll soon realise we don’t just care about helping you get the right shoes, we care about making sure they are a perfect fit for your feet too.

View our full range online, but even better, pop into a local store and experience our service for yourself.



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