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How to reduce injury in pregnancy when you run

How to reduce injury in pregnancy when you run

How to reduce injury in pregnancy when you run


On average, during your pregnancy, your feet can grow up to half a shoe size. 

A surge of hormones, the same ones responsible for relaxing your pelvis, will also loosen up your foot ligaments. As your body weight increases during your pregnancy, your foot arches begin to lower too, which changes your foot’s width and length.

If you’re planning on running during your pregnancy, it’s vital you have correctly fitting shoes. Just like you buy new clothes to accommodate your expanding waistline, don’t forget the changes your feet are going through too or the extra pressure they’re under.

Did you know that poorly fitted shoes can be the cause of foot, leg and back pain?

The Athlete’s Foot offer a unique fitting service in our stores. Our qualified fit technicians use our exclusive FitPrint® technology to perform a full analysis on your feet. They will measure your length and width, your arch type and pronation. Our newest technology “The Coaches Eye” gives you an opportunity to get on on a treadmill and try out the recommended shoes giving you a real feel before you buy.

Our technicians receive extensive training and are kept up to date with the latest technology and understand the differences between models and brands. Our dedicated approach to customer service ensures you come away with shoes matched to your foot type, activity and individual needs.

So pop into your local store and ask for your free FitPrint consultation before your next run. Then you know you have sought professional advice to reduce your risk of injury – leaving you free to enjoy running throughout your pregnancy and improve your general wellbeing.

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