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Back to School with The Athlete’s Foot

Back to School with The Athlete’s Foot

Back to School with The Athlete’s Foot


To make shopping for your children’s footwear easier, call into The Athlete’s Foot. Our highly trained Fit Technicians will measure both of your children’s feet as well as length of arch and width to ensure a perfect fit.

We use our Fitprint pressure pad to see where areas of cushioning and/or support are required and make suitable recommendations.

If your child wears orthotics – please ensure you bring these with you, so the staff can use them during the fitting process.

We stock top range brands like Ascent and Clarks as well as sport shoe brands like Asics, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Brooks and Saucony.

The importance of fit:
• Every child’s foot is different and they continue to develop until they’re 18
• Due to continual growth and development, it’s essential to get their feet measured properly every time they need new shoes
• Every school day is filled with a range of different physical activities
• The right fit helps performance and reduces the risk of injury and problems

Our staff have knowledge of your local schools footwear requirements to ensure the appropriate footwear is purchased.

We even have a School Rewards Program in place for registered schools. $10 back in cash to your school or $15 worth of sporting equipment with each pair of shoes purchased. Is your school registered?

Shop S215, Westfield St Lukes
St Lukes Road
Mt Albert
09 846 0044

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