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5 secrets of everyday runners…

5 secrets of everyday runners…

5 secrets of everyday runners…

It’s hard to deny the mental and physical benefits you get from lacing up your running shoes, getting outside and going for a run. Some people love running everyday rain, hail or shine and for others it can be a real struggle to stay motivated when it is far too easy to hit the snooze button and put that run off for ‘another day’. So, as runners, how can we stay motivated?

Here are 5 tips to get you running:

Mix It Up

Pounding the same pavement day after day can get very tedious and boring so try to mix it up. Head out on a trail run, to the beach, or try a run at sunrise or night time. The change of surroundings and surface can do wonders for the body and soul. Mix up your training styles too; try to run intervals, distance, shorter runs, hills, fast or long slow runs – your body will benefit from the added challenge.

Two’s Company

Having a running buddy can be very motivational and invigorating. Run with a friend or join a local running group. Being accountable to someone else can help to keep you motivated and provide like-minded people to talk to about training tips or upcoming events you can take part in together.

Listen to your body

Learning to listen to your body when you run is a real skill. Can you feel any tension or injuries flaring up? Knowing your limits can help you avoid injury. Feet are a runner’s greatest asset so it’s worth treating them well. Know when it’s time for a new pair of shoes or socks, your feet will thank you for it.

Set a goal

Having a goal in mind can really help to keep you motivated. Whether you’re a marathon runner or just looking for a local fun run, there are plenty of running events held throughout the country all year. What’s more, a lot of events raise money for charity, so not only would being involved help you in your fitness journey, but it would also contribute to a good cause. Check out our running calendar to find an event near you (link).

Get Geeky

The abundance of fitness technology out there these days can add a whole new level to your training. Apps and fitness watches can track GPS, heart rate, distance covered, calories, pace and more. They can be very useful and motivating to track your progress over time and tick off goals along the way. Or quite simply try running to music. There are apps available with specific running albums based on different tempos and beats to help improve your cadence and speed, otherwise just pick your favourite playlist and go!

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